Garden and landscape design Villa Garden was founded in 2002
The company's founder, Heidi Hannus, is a solo entrepreneur in the field of yard architecture,
offering customers a comprehensive service, through a comprehensive network.

The international work uses the auxiliary business name Heidi Hannus Design

  •  Private company since 2002
  •  Main category: holistic garden architecture, garden design, garden art
  •  Other: resale of garden products
  •  Artlandia Meos n ’Hannus art and product design and international retail, in collaboration
    with landscape architect Kairi Meos




• kansainvälisesti palkittu suunnittelija ja valtakunnallisesti palkittu yrittäjä

• ammattitaitoista ja kattavaa suunnittelukokemusta 30 vuotta

• more than a thousand different design projects

• several award-winning home and fairgrounds all over Finland

• a diverse educational background in the field of design and entrepreneurship

• a comprehensive cooperation network

• in the international design competition, the honorary prize of the Russian Association of Landscape Architects 2019,

• Medal placements in the international design competition in Moscow Flower Jam 2019 and
Gardens and People 2019.

• finalisti v. 2020 Moscow Flower Jam (loppukilpailu peruttu Koronarajoitusten vuoksi)

• valtakunnallinen Vuoden Yksinyrittäjä 2020, maakunnallinen 2019 Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, paikkakunnallinen 2021

• vuoden oulaistelainen 2020

• kansainvälisessä suunnittelukilpailussa Flower Jam 2019, Kaupunkilaisten äänestyksen Suosikki puutarha

• Finalist of the French Riviera International Garden Festival 2021

What sets Villa Garden apart from other garden design offices?

Designer Heidi Hannus is known as a multi-expert in the field of garden architecture. She has a wide range
cooperation network around them both in the domestic and international markets.
Her passion as a designer extends to many other places besides courtyards and gardens. After work
can be seen in buildings, works of art, furniture, lighting as well as these
even in the smallest details. She can listen to the client and come up with ideas and perspectives,
which the customer may not have dreamed of. She is not afraid to try something new or do it
things in a different way than you are used to doing. It is often said from his mouth:
"Why not ? Let’s find out before this idea is rolled out. ”
”Jos kohde näyttää hyvältä myös mustavalkoisessa kuvassa, on työn lopputulos onnistunut!”

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