Hi everyone! How are you?

My name is Heidi Hannus and I am landscape designer from Finland.

I have had my  small designing company in Finland for 15 years already and before that, over 10 year’s experience about this same business, so together It means more than 25 years and over thousand design projects. Mostly they are for private gardens but also something else.

You can find some of my projects here from my website under Portfolio-site or Instagram, which I keep in English language. My Facebook, Twitter and other internet sites are in Finnish for now.

I travel a lot abroad and I try to find new ideas for gardens from there. I also love to share some of my own ideas with my colleagues in foreign countries. This year 2017 I am going to start to write a blog about my trips. Blog is called “Private gardens in different countries in Finnish landscape designer’s eyes”.

If you would like to invite me to your country to design some garden, introduce me something great from your country or write a story about differents and similar things between designing dreams and work in your and my countries – let’s find out the way how we can do that. I would mostly like to write about private gardens. How about you?

And if you want to come to Finland and see some of finnish private gardens, I will gladly introduce you some 🙂

I am also very much interested in architecture and I always consider buildings and details in my designs, so I can make the garden look comprehensively planned.

If you want my help with my designs and you are not able to invite be to your
country because of travelling cost, I can help you via Internet also. I have
designed many gardens without even seeing them on a spot and still
customers have been very satisfied to my work. How would you like me to
help you?

You can ask about my work prices by email.  heidi.hannus(at)villagarden.fi

This year (2018) I am designing a project to Moscow’s International Flower Jam festival. It is a competition, so let’s see if my project will be one of those 10 projects which will be in final and build to the main street of Moscow in the end of August 2018! I am also designing my big garden project to Poznan, Poland, and travelling around the Europe and writing a stories about private gardens. One of biggest challenges is my book about Polish gardens and because of that, I will be travelling in Poland and searching beautiful private gardens for the book. With a help of this book, I am teaching Polish people how to design their gardens with house architecture view. And of course, my main job is designing gardens in Finland.

You can also find me from the book called
New Nordic Garden – Scandinavian Landscape Design which is now published! The book tells about what does our Scandinavian garden style looks like in a help of designers from five Nordic countries. Norway, Denmark, Island, Sweden and Finland. I am happy to be a one of those designers in a book and show to readers what this one amazingly wonderful private garden of my customer looks like. The book contains fascinating photos and intriguing texts which are divided by atmospheres to form an interesting entirety. I
t gives pretty good ideas for anyone who is interested in our style of garden design. I know I would buy this book for myself also ?

You can find this book from bookstores in Europe/U.K. in beginning of March 2017 and worldwide in April. It’s written by English. http://www.thamesandhudsonusa.com/books/new-nordic-gardens-scandinavian-landscape-design-hardcover 

You are very much welcome to follow my new travelling blog here in my website and plese visit in my other internet sites.

Have a very nice garden season 2017. Get inspired for beautiful things around you

Best wishes,